What a wonderful place a dog park is, especially one with a sandy beach and clear ocean waters. With dogs that play with each other and wind that whistles in your ears. Well, I think it’s so cool being able to swim each day and make sand castles then get a dog to knock it down and spray the sand at you!

My parents are divorced, which means they don’t love each other any more. So my mum, step-dad, half-brother, cat and our pet mice live in a house in Terrey Hills and my dad, step-mum and dog live on a boat next to the beautiful dog park in Bayview. My brother and my sister and I travel between the two places, so we get to see our mum on Saturday, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And we get to see our Dad on the other days.

Our boat is bigger than most House boats but way smaller than cruise ships. It has three bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room joined to a lounge room. It also has a top deck, which is an area on our roof where you can go on and sun bake or jump off into the water. I share a small bedroom with my sister, it has a bunk bed and my sister is in the top bunk (who is seven) and i am down the bottom. Our room also has some thing like a trap door under my bed, that leads to my very own hull, which is a small room to store stuff in and i own it because i am ten and need my own little room for me only. My dad and step mum share a bedroom with a double bed and place to put their clothes. My brother is lucky because he is thirteen so he get’s his own room with his own king single bed. Somehow that all fits on our boat!

My dog Ruby, loves it on our boat, really can you imagine being a dog living next to a dog park beach and being able to swim in the summer. IT WOULD BE LOVELY!!!!!!!!
And sometimes people throw their dogs tennis balls into the water out too far and their dog can’t be bothered to swim out and we have to come to the rescue and bring the ball back to the owner for them.

Fishing in Pittwater (where our boat is moored) is normal, you don’t catch sharks or see whales. You would catch a nice bream or two. Near the shallow you see lots of baby sting rays and once i saw a sea snake. Even though you don’t catch sharks every day, there have been reports about lots of bull sharks. The bull sharks don’t come here to feed, they come here to spawn (to have baby sharks). So if you don’t annoy them they won’t annoy you!

Unlike other houses our one can move (because it’s a boat duh). Sometimes we drive it around to the Basin or Towlers Bay. I like the Basin more because you can camp there and the lagoon is netted to keep sharks out. At the Basin there are Wallabies and really cool birds. At night at the Basin we get the choice to camp or sleep on the boat. Also at the Basin you can catch other types of fish like Yellow Tail fish.

At Towlers Bay there only is a very small beach, that is another reason why i like the Basin more. Once i saw a really weird fish thing at Towlers Bay. It looked like that prawn thing in nemo, the fish who cleans in the tank. Although i knew it wasn’t a Yabbie for sure.

Yes, i know what your thinking, it is illegal to live on a boat full time, but my dad, step-mum and dog stay at my dad’s mum and dad’s house (my grandma and grandpa’s house). They especially stay there when it is really rainy and wet or when it is really windy because it would be dangerous because the other boats might flow with the wind and crash into other boats or maybe even ours. And my siblings (brothers and sisters) and I are at our mothers for most of the week, so we’re fine.

To sum up i love it on our house boat, and i’m having a great and fun life here near our dog park and i just shared it with you!

By Mary