Happy anniversary to us.

What started as a bit of a financial stop-gap has become a fantastic way of life that I don’t feel the need to give up any time soon.

Don’t get me wrong. Living on a boat has it’s fair share of challenges. Now that we have been on board for 2 years, the nuts and bolts have been ironed out, but there are still moments when I think I must be crazy.

Let’s re-cap the events of the past 2 years:

Hubby, 1 child, and I, have all fallen in once. That’s really quite good odds! My fall was while trying to get out of the kayak, so really, that’s totally understandable.

Lost overboard – 1 set of keys, (including very expensive spare car key), wedding ring (Hubby’s. Recovered by our friendly mooring guy and a metal detector), various hats, beach towel, 2 sets of rabbit ears (used in some way with the motors. Not their actual name). That’s not a bad list considering we regularly carry laptops, phones, ipad, and nintendo games on and off. I did drown my first iphone, but that got drenched in a gin and tonic.

Replaced – we are onto our 3rd dinghy motor. The first went down with the dinghy when we got caught in a tornado (!!!). The 2nd gave up the ghost after 18months of being an incredibly noisy bone shaker. We now have a fancy one that gets us to shore in 2 minutes. We are also onto our 3rd generator and 3rd inverter. These are all things that get heavy usage so it’s to be expected that we will have to replace between 12-18months.

The biggest misconception about boat life is that it’s wet and cold and miserable. People always ask us how we are fairing when the weather is rough. The reality is, unless we have to get off and go to shore, we are warm, dry and cosy. I love laying in bed listening to the rain. I have become an expert radar reader. When we are getting ready to go out on a rainy day, I check the radar and can see when there is a gap coming. I have only been drenched once in 2 years, and that was because the dinghy ran out of fuel and I discovered that someone had stolen our fuel can. This all happened right when a big storm hit. I madly waved at a passing boat, who didn’t realise I was in trouble and, being friendly, waved back. They soon realised however, and came to my aid.

Most disastrous things have happened when Hubby is away and I am fending for myself. Today, for example, I took the doglet to the park in the kayak. When I came back, I simply got out of the kayak and forgot to tie it to the boat. I noticed it about 20minutes later as it drifted by the window. Thankfully it’s low tide and a beautiful sunny day.

I can’t imagine going back to living in a house. As the children get older, we might feel a little cramped, but I have thought of a great solution. In the next 2 years, we will get a small boat for the eldest child and convert it to a bedroom and he can raft up alongside. Problem solved!!!